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We are a family Chinese manufacturing company specializing in the production and supply of casters and wheels.

Our production and management has ISO9001:2008

It has advanced production equipment and testing equipment for casters and wheels such as metal stamping / rubber molding / injection molding / PU molding.

Have experienced and long-term front-line management in the production team.

Our casters and wheels are suitable for different roads, with a load of 50kg-3800kg. There are many types of casters and wheels for customers to find the most suitable casters and wheels.

Committed to development and innovation, Taishan has caster brake brackets and load-bearing casters and wheels that meet a variety of European standards.

OEM suppliers and partners designated by world-famous caster brands and equipment manufacturers.

  • 16year


  • 500+

    Castors Category

  • 10million

    Annual Output

  • 100+



Industrial castors, industrial wheels, heavy duty castors, super heavy duty castors, institutional castors, pneumatic rubber castor, supermarket car castors, electric castors, oil resistance castors

We can design and develop the most suitable high-quality casters and wheels for you.

There are other needs-contact our team.


We continue to expand and diversify our product range while maintaining our focus on the core principles of quality, cost and future investment.


We are a customer-centric company whose focus is to maintain a balance between cost and service.


Many online dealers rarely provide professional services when selling casters and wheels. When we sell casters and wheels, we seek to fully understand your needs and do our best to help you find the best thing for you, because we have Years of experience in the production and supply of casters and wheels.

We will also do this by asking the following questions:

1. What hardness do you need for your casters or wheels?

2. What are the static and dynamic load requirements for casters or wheels?

3. Do you need to reduce shock load?